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Opportunities for collaborations:

Our group is open to establishing new collaborations. Please, contact Prof. Jean Marcel Gallo by email

Our group has solid experience in materials synthesis for catalytic application and in performing catalyst tests. We can collaborate by:

  • Preparing mesoporous silicas (such as MCM-41, SBA-15, SBA-16, MCM-48, etc) and metal-containing mesoporous silicas;
  • Preparing porous and mesoporous carbons (for both catalytic and electrochemical applications);
  • Preparing crystalline catalysts such as Zeolites and ALPOs.
  • Preparing metal oxides and phosphates;
  • Preparing supported metal nanoparticles (such as Cu, Cr, and Au);
  • Performing Structural and surface characterizations of catalysts;
  • Performing catalytic studies for the conversion of monosaccharides;
  • Performing catalytic studies for the conversion of ethanol;
  • Performing catalytic studies for esterification and transesterification for the production of biodiesel;



Established collaborations: